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Welcome @Equestrian International – the B2B – service provider in the Equestrian industry!

In a world that is changing rapidly, with (global) clients expecting only the best and an increasing amount of international competitors, it can be hard to keep up. But it doesn’t have to be! How about a partner with a strong background in Marketing, Logistics and Communication knowing the market? Sounds good? Then let us give you a bit more details about Equestrian International.

Equestrian International is the result of numerous chats with clients all over the globe wanting to grow or expand their business, but also facing the same issues. Not knowing the different markets and trusting the wrong people with the result of damaging the brand or simply overpriced services. Often international businesses are hard to manage, especially when talking to different people in each market.

businessman-strategy-increasing-diagram-success.jpgWe at Equestrian International know your needs and can simplify the process of selling internationally for you. You only speak to us and we work with a network of native speakers and marketeers in each market making sure your CI, brand strategy and communication is followed closely. We also can take care of the fulfillment from our base here in Germany and make sure your orders will ship on time. Please see “Services” section for details. Amongst our existing clients are retailers, manufacturers, horse trainers, breeders, event organizers and veterinary clinics.


The Founders of Equestrian International:

Equestrian International was founded by George and Henny after their trip to the U.S. and UK discovering the potential of setting up a useful and supporting B2B- company in early 2018.



George has a started his profession in Sales and found his passion in Logistics and Communication as he went along his second job in the Royal Navy. Ever since he is developing processes and models in the Supply Chain world, adapting and optimizing existing patterns to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. He is profound in all aspects of Logistics, Communication and internationalization.


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Henny has a strong background in Marketing, eCommerce as well as B2B and has previously worked in Fashion with niche brands to luxury brands. She is a passionate Equestrian since her childhood and benefits from in-depth global market knowledge. She is also the founder of 4Hooves, an eCommerce shopping platform for the Equestrian market.


Our Services

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Knowing your market

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