Dealer – FAQ

Dealer - FAQ

How to become a dealer?

If you would like to include one or more brands from our portfolio in your online shop or retail store, send us a short e-mail with a business registration and the completed reseller form. We will check your documents and get back to you immediately.

Which documents are required?

We need a business registration and the completed reseller form.

Can I buy from you as an end customer?

Unfortunately not. As a distributor, we only sell to retailers. Feel free to write us an email with the products you would like to buy and we will send you information about a dealer in your area or online shop that sells the desired products.

Do you offer dropshipping?

We only offer dropshipping for selected items, such as: B. in dog beds. Feel free to contact us and we will give you more information about our dropshipping portfolio.

What ist your first-order-value?

We have a first-order-value of 500 EUR (net) for a mixed range of goods.

What is the minimum order value?

After the first-order-value is met, the minimum order value is 150 EUR (net). For orders below this value, we charge a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 EUR.

Are there minimum quantities I have to purchase?

No. You can combine the goods as you wish without having to purchase minimum quantities. If the order value is less than 150 EUR (net), we will charge a minimum quantity surcharge of 10 EUR.

Is it possible to receive commission goods for trade fairs?

For existing business relationship, we also offer commission goods for events. However, good planning is important. If you would like to take commission goods with you, please send us an email with information about the event and your stand, as well as the desired range of goods.

How can I order goods?

As soon as we have checked your documents, we will send you access to our B2B shop. There you can order the products you want.

What payment methods are there?

You can choose your preferred payment method in the B2B shop. We offer payment by PayPal, credit card and advance payment (bank transfer). We will enclose a tax invoice with your shipment.

May product images and description texts be used?

You can also use all images and texts that we make available in the B2B shop in your shop. Some retailers rewrite the product information in order to have their own texts. Please refrain from copying information from other websites. You are violating copyright law.

Is there any additional marketing material?

n some cases we have the original documents for the brands and have translated them. If you need high resolution images or catalogs for certain printed matter, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with further marketing material if already available.