Brand Watch: Malou For Horses

Brand Watch: Malou For Horses

Malou’s sugar-free horse feeding supplements

malou-for-horses-logo-bw-brand-watch-equestrian.jpgWe are happy to announce the launch of our very first product line „Malou For Horses“. Malou offers a range of organic feeding supplements such as feeding oils, healthy treats and organic care products.

Well, sometimes we do get asked how we came up with the idea to launch our own line of products – and we honestly can only say that we didn’t plan for this to happen at all. But we believe in opportunities and so it happened that one day at a trade show we were approached and had an extensive chat about the possibilities of feeding supplements, ecological farming and environmental protection. After a short while we decided to go for it and started working on the product line in cooperation with our partner and equine health experts from the horse clinic Aschheim. Followed by extensive research and testing on our own horses, we had the grateful task of choosing a suitable name.

Who is Malou?

malou-zuckerfreie-bio-futtermittel-eyeLet me tell you a little bit about the story behind the brand name as for us it’s very special. The name „Malou“ is in honour of our handicapped young mare. She is a very special horse and deserves to be treated no different than any other horse. Even though we had to find out the hard way that she would never been able to be ridden or even worked, we decided to keep. And as long as we adapt to her pace, she seems to be a happy puppy. She loves being brushed as long as it doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes tops. Apparently, this mare has a very busy schedule. She enjoys bossing her partner in crime around and is a real foodist. I mean who doesn’t like eating, but she really loves her food. And yet, she is very picky. When we first tried our organic sugar-free and natural treats, she wasn’t too happy. No sugar seemed to be a little out of her comfort zone. But we remained strong and didn’t bring her any other treats and eventually she started trying them. After two weeks she decided that coconut is her new favourite and now she even spits out treats with sugar. Very interesting how things turn out. Due to her handicap we have been feeding her Omega-3-rich-oil to keep inflammation and potential arthritis at a minimum. And it has worked brilliantly – she seems to be much more enthusiastic and agile.

Available products

EU-Organic-Logo-Colour-rgb.jpgAnyway, the product range so far consists of 5 organic feeding oils, 6 organic horse treats and 1 organic coconut oil to be used for mane, tail and hoof care as well as a natural repellent for bugs and flies. We plan on expanding the product range in near future as we see a great demand for organic horse feed and care products across the markets. Our aim is to provide healthy and organic options in feeding horses to align to their natural feeding habits and expand the range accordingly. All our products are independently analysed and conform to the standard of organic farming as set by the European Commission. We strive to offer products along all feed types, in the future. From organic hay to organic minerals, salt licks etc. And we can assure you – facing the organic certification process is one thing, having one hard judge to face before anything else is an entirely different matter. 😉


If you are a retailer and are interest in adding Malou to your product portfolio or have many horses to feed, we are happy to send you further details. Just drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you