Introducing 4Hooves as a partner in Germany

Introducing 4Hooves as a partner in Germany

4Hooves as business channel

4HOOVES-logo-bwWe are happy to announce that we have partnered up with 4Hooves. 4Hooves is an up and coming online search engine for the equestrian industry, bringing together brands and customers. There is also a marketplace available, offering a „shop-in-shop“ – system with an optional iframe coming soon. This way brands without an own online shop can profit from the technical setup and do not need specific knowledge.

But also brands with an own eCommerce setup can profit from 4Hooves and use the platform as a sales and marketing channel. The platform operates mainly in Germany, but is also translated into English to cover most of the countries. More languages are also planned in the upcoming years.

Not „just another Online Shop“

4Hooves isn’t just another online Shop but rather a combination of online shops, search engine, infotainment and research engine. Shoppers, businesses, freelancers, service providers and those who seek them alike can find each other via 4Hooves. Promote yourself and get contacted by interested consumers. It’s never been this easy!

Benefits of working with 4Hooves:

  • riskless market entry in Germany and other European markets without huge spendings and investments necessary
  • positioning on a platform amongst established brands
  • giving smaller brands a chance to get noticed and discovered
  • regular PR coverage and trade shows that bring attention to 4Hooves and it’s partnering brands
  • unique content opportunities at fair prices
  • over 450 product categories across 5 levels to provide users the best search – find-experience possible
  • different payment and commission models available to find the best option for each merchant and business
  • affordable, but yet creative marketing option available at special rates for Equestrian International clients

We at Equestrian International will recommend to work with 4Hooves as a state-of-art-partner and to reach a younger and online-driven target group, wherever we see fit.

Have a successful week.